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Welcome to Pain Care Management, LLC

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The clinics of Pain Care Management are dedicated to easing the pain of those who suffer. Our practice is made up of two clinics serving the central Florida area. It is our goal as medical professionals to “listen with respect and really hear” a patient’s pain description, then act appropriately to develop a treatment plan based on the whole person with pain, including how that pain is impacting their life.

We offer an integrative method of pain care. Our treatment includes not only the traditional method of pharmaceutical products to relieve pain, but also complementary treatments, such as injection therapy, and electrogalvanic stimulation, or neuromechanical therapy.

It is commonly accepted among public health experts that the under-treatment of pain has been recognized as a public health crisis for decades, with catastrophic consequences for patients, in terms of suffering and disability. We feel that it is unjust and unfair for anyone to be forced to live with uncontrolled pain because of unrealistic fears or mistaken beliefs about treatments that are available today. Those who have never suffered unrelenting pain do not understand how it can rob the sufferer of their career, their friends, their family, their hope and finally themselves. We believe as Hippocrates did, that we should, "Cure sometimes, treat often, but comfort always." Pain may be inevitable for some people, but suffering is optional.