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Non-Surgical Treatment Solutions for Spinal Stenosis

Regular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and periodic visits to your doctor are important steps to live a healthy lifestyle. However, certain conditions may still develop due to age, genetics or injuries. Spinal stenosis is one of these conditions that can wreak havoc on your life.

Characterized by a narrowing of the spine due to age, osteoarthritis, or an injury, spinal stenosis causes enormous pain while limiting your ability to move and complete simple daily tasks.

In most cases, patients will undergo a lumbar laminectomy to create space in the spinal canal, which decreases pressure and pain. While effective, the surgery is an invasive one that requires a long period of recovery.

If you are part of the large population living with spinal stenosis pain, consider one of these non-surgical treatment options that will improve your quality of life.

Physical Therapy

Exercise, in moderation and under the evaluation of a physical therapist, offers many benefits. Not only will it improve blood circulation to reduce inflammation, but exercise is also proven to trigger the brain's release of endorphins. These chemicals naturally improve your mood, decreasing the emotional and physical distress caused by your chronic pain.

A physical therapist will design an exercise plan based on your specific needs. Low-impact exercises such as walking, weight training, yoga, and swimming are effective options for building strength and endurance while improving the balance, flexibility, and stability of your spine.

Consulting your doctor before beginning any new exercise or physical therapy program is imperative to prevent further damage to your spine.

Holistic Therapy

Your pain management team may also suggest holistic options to manage the pain associated with your spinal stenosis. Holistic practices center on the use of natural products and services to ease physical and emotional pain. From massage to acupuncture, finding a holistic practice to suit your specific needs should be easy.

Proven to release physical and emotional tension that may arise from your spinal stenosis pain, massage therapy is a great holistic option to consider. A professional therapist will utilize their hands to gently, yet firmly, work out tension in the spinal and cervical area, decreasing muscle and joint stiffness without invasive measures.

Used for thousands of years, acupuncture centers on the improvement of blood circulation and decrease of inflammation using the insertion of small needles into the skin's surface. Your therapist will insert multiple needles into specific acupoints which relate to your spinal stenosis. While slightly invasive, this holistic practice is safe, gentle, and does not require any recovery time.

Injection Therapy

The narrowing of your spine will place a great deal of pressure on your nerves, resulting in swelling and inflammation of the nerve roots. Injecting a local anesthetic, saline, or cortisone into the trigger area can reduce inflammation of the nerve roots, which will reduce your spinal stenosis pain.
Since a general numbing medication is first administered to the area, injection therapy offers efficient results. The injections numb the problematic area while improving blood circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Most patients experience pain relief within a few days of injection therapy. This relief can last anywhere from a few days to up to a few months, depending on your specific condition. However, ongoing appointments will be necessary to manage the chronic pain caused by your spinal stenosis.

It is important to note that not all patients find relief using physical therapy, holistic treatments or injection therapy. Thankfully, a detailed exam and consultation can help determine the best course of action to find relief from your condition. To learn more about managing the pain, discomfort and mobility issues associated with spinal stenosis or other disorders, contact Atlantis Pain Care today.